Service Pilotage

Since the Mahachai River Channel is a rather narrow area and its depth is limited. With our staff experienced in maneuvering the ship in&out of Mahachai Channel. Our company provides service local pilotage in the Mahachai channel (Samut Sakorn/Thailand).
Please let your trust in our team. To pilotage and maneuvering your ship under unfamiliar areas.

Pilotage  M.V.Blue Pailin&Bor.Budsaracum

Pilotage  RAJA 6 Ferry Bandon-Samui

pilotage service

Pilotage  T/S Visud Sakorn to drydock

Pilotage Offshore supply vessel to drydock

TUG T117 Shiftting to drydock

THAI Marine Police 626 To Drydock at Bangkok

R/V Mahidol To Drydock at Samutsakorn

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